dressed in ribbons…
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…and a pair of clogs. where is a girl to go dressed in such finery?

the self-portrait…
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monday morning chit chat…
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top left:snow! pathetic i know, but that’s all we got here in Amsterdam; top right: i made a banana smoothie for breakfast; bottom right: more evidence of snow on the boat rooftop; bottom left:a morning visitor

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty fab – the highlight being a Valentine-inspired dinner over at our friends on Saturday night. We brought the champagne, melted chocolate and strawberries, and they provided a feast and great conversation. and oh how we laughed!! I don’t remember what about exactly, but it was hilarious at the time.

this gorgeous gal decided to land on the roof of le petit bateau and stomp around.

I also spent the weekend working on something that I can’t wait to ‘reveal’ to you very soon! Yes, it has something to do with this (blog)house of mine. Shall I tell you? No? Yes? No? Let me know. Because if you want to know, i will tell you! But if you like surprises instead, then I shall not give it away. but oooh I can’t wait for it to be completed!

beautiful creatures but awfully aggressive, non? this guy was making grunting noises at me. that can’t be good?

I also want to take this post to say a big thank you for all your awesome comments. Please be sure to read the comments to the posts if you have a moment because they add so much to my initial words and often provide the answers to questions, or simply different perspectives… and you all have an incredible imagination! I love it when you add an idea to my photos or creation, it creates this wonderful layering effect.

my messy desk, my morning guest leaving, and one of my many notebooks

One of my favourite (how many times do I say this word on the blog?!) commented posts is one from last month called a little tucked away treasure – it is my photo of bakers twine which I found tied to a branch in the Jardins Des Plantes in Paris, and I had this fanciful idea that someone had tied a love note to the branch for their lover to find. Raluca wrote a fabulous comment which showed I wasn’t too far off – she explains a tradition in Romania that totally explains the twine tied to the branch, I’m convinced now that the person who tied this string is Romanian! Go back and read it if you didn’t catch it at the time. Thank you Raluca! I am always amazed at how many corners of the world this blog reaches, and to learn these amazing facts about other cultures that I never would have known otherwise. Yay to comments!

Okay, I’ll let you get back to work. Have a wonderful day! But before I go, I made a little creature, just for you…

A friend of Harriet’s perhaps? She needs a name – suggestions welcome…


une petite interview, and some doodling…
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A little while ago, Clayton West, creator of the ├╝ber stylish Australian Edge website which showcases Australian creativity, asked if I would answer a few questions in an interview. I said yes of course! And so here it is, I hope you enjoy it. The photograph of me at the beginning of the interview was taken by photographer + friend David Finato, just the other day. Thanks again Davo! I am a bit more smiley here you see, I am getting better at it I think.


PS the above image has nothing to do with anything, i just felt like doing a little doodling, I was hoping it might make you smile.

PPS also in an attempt to bring a smile to your face, I am going to give you a sneak peak in my next post of what I have installed for you here in the (blog)house next week, it’s going to be fun!

and it goes a little something like this…
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So, here we all are. In le petit bateau. With me. Hmm. Has everyone got a drink? Is everyone comfortable? I suppose you just want me to get on with it, right?

Please click on the flower button below which is currently loading, to hear my first ever piano solo composition, accompanied by one of my little whimisical drawings. This piece is called Mes Ailes. Which is French for ‘My Wings’. I do hope you enjoy. Thank you in advance, for lending me your ears for the next 3 minutes…