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A few weekends ago we flew up to Northern NSW  to spend some time out in a beautiful cottage nestled within a macadamia farm, offered to us by a wonderful friend. One morning I walked down to the creek at the bottom of the hill,  alone, and with gum boots on I stood in the middle of the gentle flow of icy water…


I breathed. I watched. I tried to let go of my thoughts to connect more deeply with the surroundings. In my effort I heard the loudness within. My body and mind throbbing with busyness that I recognise comes from the city we live in and the people that inhabit it, and the intensity of events of the past few months. Years. Instead of feeling at peace to be in natural surroundings, I became more aware of the battle within. And I know for me that open awareness is the first step to healing.


I’ve been craving nature – to be surrounded by wild nature – and although this craving has always existed within me as a low hum, it is louder and feels more intense and insistent of late. When I explore this craving, my mind is cast back to my childhood, and how being in nature, playing with nature, always felt like my true sanctuary and was often the place I’d run to when I felt the urgent need to escape.


Today I understand with more clarity why I love being surrounded by nature. It’s where I connect. To myself, and to the world and universe. It’s where I feel freedom. Of spirit. Thought. And emotion…


As I gain clarity, I continue to observe. And remain open. The winter darkness allows me to rest more. And to be.


And I write. And write. And write. I know I am in the midst of making another book. I can feel the energy of it. In time, it will take form. For now, I write.


our corner store…
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There is a beautiful new store in Bangalow, in northern NSW called Our Corner Store. Inspired by the traditional corner store it has a little bit of everything and values good old fashion service. Owners Aneka and Miranda have a beauitful aesthetic, each item is carefully selected to fit into a natural, organic style.  “We are passionate about the home and celebration, and sell goods that make living simply better and more beautiful – wire storage and hooks, brass hardware, hemp rugs, jute baskets, canvas camping accessories and stationery.”

I interviewed Aneka and Miranda about their new venture for Country Style, you can read the full interview here. Thank you Aneka and Miranda for sharing your gorgeous space with us! And a big thank you to Natalie McComas for the stunning photographs, and Annique Rousseau for the beautiful styling.

Country Style magazine: the new blog on the block…
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Last month Country Style launched their very own blog on the beautifully redesigned Homelife website, and I’m thrilled to have been invited to be one of the contributors. So far on the blog fellow contributor Louise Marshall has taken readers to the Sydney Flower Market, Samantha van Egmond guides us through the fabulous Agrarian Kitchen in Tasmania, and gives us all a tour of Hobart, Country Style’s editor Victoria Carey takes us behind the scenes of some wonderful shoots and shares an inspiring video of basket weaver Harriet Goodall made by Annette Cohen, while Lara Hutton takes us to The Mornington Peninsula.

My posts featured on Country Style so far include:

some of my favourite country living blogs, as seen below…

Marte Marie Forsberg’s beautiful Le Voyage Créatif.

Rohan’s delicious Whole Larder Love.

Nadia’s ever-delightful La Porte Rouge.

…my flower wall in Amsterdam which you may recall featured in Anthology Magazine some months back


… and a trip through Lamington National Park in Queensland.


It’s been fun writing for their blog, I love that magazines and fellow stylists and photographers here in Australia are now getting into blogging, it makes our virtual community all the more rich and layered.

I have an upcoming post which features some behind the scenes shots from a story I styled that is in this month’s issue of Country Style. The article is about historical Hill End in NSW, photographed by Sharyn Cairns. I had such a blast styling the artist’s cottage featured in the story, and I adore Sharyn’s photographs. Look out of the May issue which is on sale now, and also my blog post about it which will go live on the Country Style blog some time next week.

In the meantime, enjoy perusing the new Country Style blog and be sure to leave comments on posts you like to encourage the contributors along.

Bon weekend


the photos: brisbane book launch…
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goodie bags at the door – inside each was a special gift, made by hand by Kylie

I can’t believe this spectacular event in Brisbane was over a month ago. I’ve been wanting to share these photos with you for all that time. They were taken by the very talented Natalie McComas who is a Brisbane-based photographer. Natalie wandered around for the whole afternoon snapping gorgeous moments like you see above and below…

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the photos: my weekend in beautiful melbourne (part one)…
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leaf gatherings for window displays, photo taken on my iphone using instagram

I’m sitting here in my new home, ugg boots on, three layers of clothing, blanket wrapped around my shoulders, typing with frozen fingers. I am so very cold. Oh the irony. Although it is not ‘that’ cold here in Sydney compared to Amsterdam (all I have to do is stand out in the sunshine here and I will thaw) , I’m now fully aware that houses in this country are not built for cold weather – that is, weather that dips below 15C. I find that quite peculiar, because at the same time every year, the temperature drops. Winter might not last for long in this country, but it still exists, and it’s cold. Why not make a home accommodate that change in temperature? I don’t get it.

Anyway, here in the (blog)house the weather is always fine, and we are always cozy. Right now I have two special guests pottering around, have you noticed? Dear Marjorie has come back to cook a fabulous spring menu, starting this week with recipes for gougères and an endive salad – miam. In January I had the pleasure of meeting Marjorie in her new hometown of Beaune in France, I will post some photos of this amazing French town soon (needless to say I fell in love with this special place and everyone who lives there). Click here to visit Marjorie in the (blog)kitchen.

Also in the (blog)house, hanging out in the guest quarters is sweet Christine who has just published a book called “markets of new england” with The Little Bookroom. Christine is taking us through New England each week this month, and already she’s shown us some amazing discoveries. I adore New England, I have been wanting to take Romain there on a road trip since we met, and Christine is certainly enticing us ever more to head out on our New England adventure. Click here to visit Christine in the guest quarters. Thank you both Marjorie and Christine for coming to visit, I hope you will enjoy your stay.

While we’re here, would you like to hear about my weekend in Melbourne? After the book launch in Sydney at Ariel on Friday (April 29th) I had to get up bright and early the next morning to catch a plane to head to Melbourne for a special event at Magnolia Square in Malvern Town Hall.  My Heart Wanders book publicist Ashlea had made all the arrangements for the weekend and came along to help me with the events and window displays – what a treat that was.  Ashlea loves getting crafty and totally ‘got’ my ideas and what I wanted to do, I feel very lucky to have her on board. Once we got to Melbourne, it was full steam ahead – we headed straight from the airport to the town hall to find it a-buzz with creative people. Within minutes Magnolia Square founder & director Nic MacIsaac announced my arrival and before I blinked I was surrounded by the loveliest Melbourne dwellers, all wanting to get their hands on a copy of the book and chat. We barely had time to get the books out of the boxes…

all photos above courtesy of little bird photography

Lynn from Scarlet Jones provided all the incredible props for my signing area. Although I have not been to Lynn’s shop, I’d been in contact with her over the years through our blogs – it was serendipitous that she was going to be at the market and was able & willing to bring a whole bunch of beautiful wares for my use. Lynn brought old suitcases, birdcages, a tailor’s mannequin, french doors and tables – when I arrived, the little corner space was so perfectly styled and arranged thanks to Nic and Lynn, I dared not touch it. Now I am dying to visit Lynn’s boutique – I have seen lots of photos of this special treasure trove and next time I visit Melbourne, Scarlet Jones will be one of the first places I go.  Thank you dear Lynn and a big thank you to her daughter Emma who stood by me the whole time and organised all the book transactions.

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