looking through my window…
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Autumn has arrived in Amsterdam. The days are a little darker, the rain lingers, and the leaves have turned golden,  falling all around me. I’m adjusting nicely to the season this time ’round…

and note to self: to create a perfectly imperfect photograph that captures mood, atmosphere,  & air… shoot through a dirty window.

fancy pants clogs to brighten your day…
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thank you for your encouragement for my ribbon girls! Your comments are so appreciated. I often wonder if you catch my smiles when I read your comments, I wish you did as you always manage to brighten my day. in such a special way. don’t ever stray. (sorry! couldnt’ help it)

I will think about the print idea but at this stage it would be another thing on my to-do list and that list is already rather full. Don’t forget I’m still working my little heart out on My Heart Wanders. Which I hope to be able to tell you more about soon. Perhaps when I finish that I can think about other things like these ribbon girls as prints. Oh but I still want to make a book about Harriet too! Pff!! Oh well for now I just offer you my drawings and creations as they come – a first peek at what I’m making.

I’m on a shoot for the remainder of this week and the beginning of next so I will not be able to hang out here in the (blog)house until its all wrapped up. So for the next couple of days please feel free to dive into the archives. Here are a few posts picked randomly to get you started…

my heart lingers still


crazy street art of paris

Come next week I have something planned for you! Until then mes amis, I give you ribbon girls ‘fancy pants clogs’. These were just plain children’s wood clogs that I painted the other day. I hope you like.


i give you this golden custard tart in exchange for a smile
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What could be better than warm custard on a grey day?

I always like to make a few batches of luscious creamy custard throughout the winter months and this delicious tart with poached pears and raspberries is a sophisticated twist on the simple dessert of custard and berries, made by our very own (blog)house kitchen guest, Aran

Couldn’t you just take a bite our of that beautiful tart right now? I could (by the way, i’ve already checked if Aran’s photos are edible and they are not).

So this weekend, my suggestion is that you make these golden custard tarts as I have no doubt they will send your spirits soaring. Click here for the recipe and more photos. If you must cheat you can buy custard (Aran you did not read that!) but I will tell you now – no store bought custard comes close to what it is like when you make it yourself. Therefore if you have never made custard then this weekend is the weekend to do so! says me.

Thanks for sharing your delicious tart with us Aran!

I hope you have all enjoyed this week in yellow. I know I have, and I do like the idea of hosting colour weeks so perhaps every now and then I shall incorporate this idea amongst my regular posts.

Meanwhile, a winter wind is blowing in big gusts across the canal, making le petit bateau sway and rock like it is out at sea. It’s a grey cold windy day out in Amsterdam, and I am very happy to be tucked up inside my little boat. I have put my sheepskin rug on my chair and turned the heaters up just a little extra. With ugg boots on my feet, and cup of hot tea in hand, I’m settling in for the afternoon and putting some ideas together for upcoming shoots. I’m also busy working on some special posts for next week! And I have been busy with My Heart Wanders. Oh I have so many wonderful things planned for you for the rest of this year, and even more coming for next year. It’s an exciting time here in the (blog)house!

Enjoy your weekend mes amis. Keep cosy and remember, if you need a hit of sunshine, you are always welcome back here to visit the yellow posts anytime. I’ll make sure there is one of Aran’s tarts for you straight out of the oven.


dots of yellow in amsterdam
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the wind got to the golden leaves here in amsterdam before i did unfortunately. but still pretty, non?

a little heart for humanity…
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Heather Smith Jones has been busy making these little hearts for Christmas and she is donating 40% of the profits from the sale of each heart purchased between Oct. 21 – Dec. 15, 2008 to Habitat for Humanity. Please click here to learn more about the organisation, and click here to visit Heather’s etsy boutique.