naked trees…
Posted in amsterdam, pia's photos March 10th, 2009 by piablog

Yesterday I was working on location at a lovely house in Laren (pronounced Laa-ren). The house was surrounded by this beautiful forest. I found myself gazing out of the large windows to this view every chance I got, wanting to wander out there to hear the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet, listen to the early spring birds sing to each other, and watch the branches sway and creak in the wind. I imagined these naked trees to be looking forward to Spring just like me, their trunks and branches breathing sighs of relief as the clouds part to make room for the sun to shine on their arthritic joints.

I could imagine how lush this forest would be in it’s Summer months. And I could imagine a treehouse nestled in it’s depths, wouldn’t that be grand?

I think I have been to Laren once before a few years ago, and from memory it is a rather gorgeous village with lots of quaint boutiques and restaurants. There was no time to explore yesterday, but I would like to get back there sometime and just stroll around. I remember there was a really nice homewares boutique where I bought quite a few gifts from to take home to Sydney. And a restaurant that was so nice and gezellig (cozy), lined with dark wood panels and walls filled with books.

Let’s hope I can make some time to go exploring in this direction again.


PS oh it’s so good to be back in the (blog)house! I have something fun in the making for my next post…

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  1. Yoli says

    The trees are lovely Pia. Hope you are having a great day.

    March 10th, 2009 | #

  2. Esti says

    I like naked forests. Magical.

    March 10th, 2009 | #

  3. valeria says

    love the Poladroid and thanks for introducing me to it:)

    March 11th, 2009 | #

  4. melody says

    fantastic blog!
    I love your photos.

    March 11th, 2009 | #

  5. theaxx says

    Oooh, the forest is just magic – I feel all tingley looking at it.

    I thought you weren’t posting so just checked in to give you this, thought you may be interested it exists:

    but glad I checked in cause you have posted – and so inpiringly!


    March 25th, 2009 | #

  6. Leslie says


    March 25th, 2009 | #

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