in the houseboat: a little vignette of found treasures…
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PS and happy weekend! I thought I might get a chance to squeeze one more post in before the weekend but alas, it will have to wait until Monday. Still so many things to share with you…

my first origami crane…
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Yesterday I said I would show you my first origami crane, and here it is! When I say my first I mean my first ‘pretty’ one, there are of course a table full of not so perfect ones. Now that I know how to make them, I’m a little addicted. It’s rather meditative, and I find it’s a really nice way to take a little moment in the day to unwind. It’s certainly a day enhancing activity, that is for sure.

I made my origami crane from this photo featured in Paris: Made By Hand, which I printed onto recycled paper…


katie crackernuts op shop challenge…
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I’m a big fan of hand-me-downs, vintage, recycled, and op shop fashion finds. So I was thrilled to read on katie crackernut’s blog that she was inviting fellow bloggers to write about their favourite op shop/second hand finds, or give treasure hunting tips to their readers, as part of her own op shop challenge

illustration courtesy of katie crackernuts.

You see, ms katie crackernuts is on a mission – a little while ago she joined The News Limited 1degree op shop challenge which means she wore thrifted and recycled fashion to work for two weeks. It was part of a workplace initiative to inspire people to cut their carbon footprint and kate became a finalist and is now in the top ten! Being the ambitious gal that she is, ms crackernuts is keen to win this competition, and I want her to win too. So, I’m joining in the fun by showing you one of my all-time favourite second hand finds which I came across while living in Paris…

I call it my peacock dress, and it cost me a whole 10 euro. It is 100% cotton, sans a designer label, and is the most gorgeous blue I’ve ever seen. I wear it with a simple fat belt and flip flops in summer. Just looking at it brightens my day.

I, like Kate, am rather obsessed with finding fabulous op shop garments and wherever I am in the world, I go into vintage boutiques I come across, or open markets in search of something special. I also love reworking a garment, rethinking how it can be worn and getting more life out of it. Its fun, inspiring, challenging, and good for the environment and for us.

So if you’d like to join in the fun and help kate with her op shop challenge, I invite you my dear fellow bloggers, to write a post this week about one of your favourite second hand finds, reveal some of your secret second hand sources in your local area, or offer a treasure hunting tip or two. Be sure to link back to katie crackernuts 1degree op shop challenge in your post.

Thank you for the inspiration kate!


in the kitchen with design*sponge…
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As if this week wasn’t exciting enough!

Admittedly I was asked a month or so ago if I’d like to be ‘in the kitchen with’, it just took me this long to actually get the recipe and photos together! It’s been a busy month, and as its turned out, the post is lovely timing with the book release. The best thing is that while I was cooking this recipe two beautiful water creatures came to visit me so I grabbed my camera, grabbed the dish and snapped away…

Check out the full post and recipe for my pea, mint and feta risotto right here.

And if you do make this recipe please let me know what you think of it – I tend to add ingredients as I go, tasting along the way (I’m an artist and not a recipe writer! unlike my own (blog)house kitchen guest) so if you feel there is not enough of one thing or it needs more of something else, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Merci Grace and Kristina!


PS I STILL can’t believe I actually got a photograph of the risotto with the swans in the background. wowsers.

playing with props and peonies…
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which one do you prefer? I couldn’t choose one, so I posted them all.


PS It’s dusk and I’m enjoying a glass of vin blanc. Care to join me?

PPS what shall we listen to? actually I feel like playing this for you again. Please sit back, listen to the birds, sip your wine, and enjoy…

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