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UPDATE: there have been many requests to buy the print – thank you! We’ll be looking into it this week – so hopefully by the end of the week (that being Friday March 25), we should have something available. Thanks again for all your support and positive attitude, it’s so wonderful to see so many of you enthusiastic about giving credit where credit is due. x


Have you noticed that image crediting on blogs has become a rather hot topic over the last few weeks? There have been some great posts about it from Chelsea at {frolic!} and Grace at Design*Sponge (who wrote three posts as part of her online etiquette + ethic series for biz ladies: here, here and here).

A couple of weeks ago Erin, Chelsea, Lisa, Nichole, Amanda and I started an email conversation about it, wondering if there was a way we could get the message across about the importance of image crediting in a fun and informative way. Because let’s face it, it’s a confusing topic that needs some serious clarification. In my industry, we are often talking about the lack of image crediting on blogs – there is very much a love/hate feeling for blogs with most photographers, stylists, art directors, editors and publishers. I, for example,  love the concept of tumblr but get so frustrated with the lack of crediting – countless times I’ve found a gorgeous image that I’d love to blog about but after hours of research still cannot find the original source. Not to mention finding my own images on there without credit.

We’ve already had some great feedback this morning on Grace’s post about the poster (thanks so much Grace!) and I’ve made some minor changes with those in mind, so what you see above is the finished poster. Also, some people have asked if the poster is for sale. We will keep you posted about that. Erin from design for mankind wrote a fab post about it today too,  and I love & agree with all she wrote. Erin has been a big inspiration in the making of this poster – from the colouring of her new blog design (which I adore!), to her funky style and funny, heartfelt words.  My dear friend Yvette van Boven let me use her incredible handwritten fonts, thank you sweet Yvette.

Thanks to everyone who has kept this topic hot over the last few weeks. I hope this poster helps to shed some much needed light on the subject and helps all to understand why it’s necessary to credit images. Please feel free to blog, tweet, tumble, or pin this poster  – we made it to share, so please do, merci beaucoup!


photographer jen causey’s the makers project…
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Beautiful photo stories on brooklyn-based artisans by Jennifer Causey. The Makers Project already features jewels of new york, lena corwin, reverie and saipua among others – each story is so gorgeous, I hope you’ll take the time to view each gallery. I can’t wait to see what + who The Makers Project features next. Congrats Jen on another fab project!


found via sweet odette new york.

oh, be still my beating heart…
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photograph by Al Jensen.

polaroid day book…
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Dear Amanda just announced on her blog that a few of her beautiful polaroids have been featured in a gorgeous book in Korea called “Polaroid Day“. And I’m a bit thrilled to see that one of the polaroids chosen from her extensive collection feature my very first book as a prop. Super cute!

This looks like a gorgeous little bound treat for polaroid lovers & photography enthusiasts. You can read more about the book on Amanda’s blog,  mockingbird.

beautiful polaroids that tell beautiful stories…
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… on words to shoot by, full list of contributing photographers with links to their websites here.