le ballon rouge…
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…this is one for my DVD library for sure. Nyla found it and wrote about it here. Thank you Nyla, you always find the most inspiring treats.

finally, i can show you something i’ve been waiting patiently for…
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This special documentary created by Australian Lara Damiani, was guided by her burning passion for human rights, social justice and freedom. Starting back in 2006 and funded through personal cash and bank finance, Lara decided it was time to begin filming. Her subject matter just happens to be something close to my heart: The plight of Tibet and the Tibetans.

But unable to secure finance for post production, the project stalled a little while ago until a generous donor unexpectedly came to the rescue. As Lara says, “It’s a perfect example of what can be achieved when people who really believe in something come together”. Please give a large round of applause for Lara as I introduce you to her film “Tibet’s Cry for Freedom”, with this exclusive trailer, narrated by actress Kerri Armstrong…

Find more videos like this on Candle4Tibet

Congratulations Lara, this looks to be a fantastic production, I can’t wait to see it! For more information, please visit Lara’s site here.

Roaring 20’s, far from gone…
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I was a pubescent 14 year old living in a foreign land when this show premiered on my only english-speaking tv channel, the fabulous BBC (nicknamed my ‘sanity savior’). It can be said that after the first episode I was hooked. It encompassed all my passions of life back then – fashion, fabrics, sewing, art, paris, travel, love, boutiques… and all set in my favourite era of the 1920’s, London. This show set the groundwork for much of my inspiration as the essence of it has stayed with me all these years. To my absolute delight, the BBC recently released the entire series on DVD and when my mother read this news she was quick to get hold of it for me, knowing how much this series meant to me some 15 years ago. So what on earth am I talking about you ask?


Why, I speak of the House of Eliott of course!


The House of Eliott is based on the journey of two sisters, Bea and Evie, who embark on opening their very own fashion house amongst the haute couture of London and Paris boutiques, starring the brilliant actress Stella Gonet (as Bea) as well as Louise Lombard (recognise her in CSI?). This classic drama series takes you through all of the ups and downs of running such a boutique, including the scandals that befall them from jealous competitors, and the opportunities that come from the most humble of gestures. All this while giving a fantastic rendition of the political turmoil of England at that time, and post-war life.



These stills give you a very minimal peak at what this series has to offer visually – the sets, props, fashion and style is to-die-for, and for those of you Paris lovers, the series takes you there a number of times, with a complete look at Paris 1920’s fashion. What astounded me the most when I watched the series this many years on, was the resemblance of events within my own life. I remembered exactly how I was feeling when I watched the show at 14 years old, the sketches I started making from being inspired by Evie’s sketches, my imagination was really on an indescribable high. Now, at 30, thinking back to my 14 year old self, little I knew back then that I would have opened my own store only 7 years later and go through all the ups and downs expressed in the House Of Eliott. I was amazed to realise how times haven’t changed for small business, how the struggles are the same, and how all over the world, time after time there are still those people who try to sabotage you, bring you down, make yourself doubt your work and abilities. And then there are those people who stick by you, believe in you and support you through thick and thin. Watching the House of Eliott again brought tears to my eyes regularly and sparked that 14 year old imagination in me again. I won’t be running out and opening another store, but I certainly will not give up on my vision.


Enhance the Everyday review for House of Eliott: 5 outta 5.
I implore you to get hold of this complete series (there are 3 in total, click here for all 3), you will really love it. You will find the first series a little slow but it is essential to understand the whole story and you will not regret it. I just finished watching the whole series at Christmas and I am keen to start it again in a couple of months, I miss it already. Enjoy.

mini trips: art gallery
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It’s the weekend, so who feels like coming to the art gallery with me? This one is rather special as you do not have to wander too far from the (blog)house at all. Where am I taking you this time? Down and under to the National Portrait Gallery , and into the secreted rooms of their online exhibition, ‘Animated: Self Portraits Online’…



This is one very inspirational gallery – I have never experienced anything like it. The curators Michael Desmond and Gillian Raymond give a perfect introduction to the work, describing it as a virtual exhibition without being physically present in a gallery.

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