the solace of my bedroom, as captured by Helene Athanasiadis…
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HELENE_ATHANASIADIS_PIAJANEBIJKERK_SOLACE_2015_2 welcome to my home. please come in, no need to take your shoes off…

Happy New Year mes amis.  How do you feel about the year to come? There has been so much change in the world, and I sense there will be much more to come yet. But change is transformation, and I can feel our world is in dire need of it. In my creative life,  I feel ready to come out of my healing cocoon. I learned so much in 2015, and wrote and wrote and wrote all the while.  So there is a book or two or three there, and in time all those words and photographs and experiences will take shape. If there is one thing I have in abundance it’s ideas and in the past year the well has not dried up – it’s now overflowing.  It’s always been my dream to be able to realise and share not necessarily every single idea, but at least a steady flow of them.  Ideas not only need creative thinking but also time and money, and these two requirements have never been in abundance in my life, and I’ve finally accepted that these need attention too. So finding a way to get the balance I need to pull myself into alignment with what I’m called to do in this life is now my priority… without compromising my ethics which, for those of you who have come to know me quite well, is as resolute as ever, if not more nowadays.  And although I still feel a little at sea about what the direction will look like and where it will take me from here on in after taking the last year off from all creative commitments, I am trusting the process and I’m trusting the deepest depths of my self.

As I set sail on this year’s vessel, my first port of call with french boy (as the only other member of the crew so far – this is a small boat!) is the creation of a revitalised online space: one that houses all my creative endeavours under one roof and is once again interactive and free flowing.  Since my focus has been elsewhere over the past few years my online space has been neglected. It’s become outdated, haphazard and disorganized, and it needs some attention & love. So in coming weeks I’ll take you to this new space when the walls have been built and the paint has dried.


As promised in an earlier post, here now I share with you some beautiful photographs by Helene Athanasiadis of my very personal offline space – my bedroom. This room has been my retreat over the past few years. It’s the place I have spent the most time – mothering, resting, grieving, healing, learning, and writing…



As part of her photographic project and book Solace, Helene has captured what this space means to me and it feels special to have this documented and shared in such a beautiful way.


Although this house has been falling apart around us over the past year, seeing these photographs has made me appreciate the space for what it has been and what it still is for me today. As my own projects unfurl, I’ll be sharing with you more of my home and how it’s evolved over the years.

2327265_origsurrounded by talented souls: my favourite dutch bag made by leslie oschmann, and some beautiful organic cotton garments by mady doijes

Thank you again, Helene.

With love,


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  1. emma in the UK says

    How lovely to hear you’ll be back online more soon. I’ve loved your perspective and beautiful aesthetic for years now. I also have had to take a year out from my creative endeavours to tend to health and money issues and this year I am determined to get back to honouring this insatiable appetite for creating. I look forward to seeing more of your journey. With Best Wishes Pia, from a very wintery England.

    January 4th, 2016 | #

  2. Briana Morrison says

    What a beautiful space! I can see why you spend so much time here. It looks peaceful. I’m looking forward to your new online space, I’m sure it will be beautiful as ever!

    January 5th, 2016 | #

  3. kelly says

    Such beautiful pictures, Pia, and good to hear you’re feeling ready to share your creativity more this year. Exciting times ahead! Happy 2016 xox

    January 5th, 2016 | #

  4. Angy says

    Dearest Pia. What an inspiration your truth, dignity and authenticity is to me! Thank you for taking care of yourself because it’s such an important factor that many people lose sight of. Our society is definitely calling for change and transformation. Just this morning I shared a link on social media about Sweden introducing a six hour working day in the hopes of sustaining a happier more balanced workforce. I myself have walked away from one career and started a small business working with nature. So many people want to question me on progress and profit and I see their eyes glaze over when I bring it back round to happiness and peace. On top of this, my husband and I have decided to sell our house and move into a shed! We wish to release what we don’t need and allow for more of what we truly crave – time, travel, peace.

    Deep within I feel a sense of pride but I won’t deny that the ocean can be scary! I wish you all the light & love you need for this new year. All the way across Oz there are a set of hands cheering and clapping and a voice that cries “you go girl!” Much love. Angy. Xx

    January 5th, 2016 | #

  5. Jeska says

    Beautiful space Pia, and what a wonderful project. Off to visit and see more. I will watch as your 2016 unfurls love to you all xxx

    January 10th, 2016 | #

  6. Kirti says

    What an exciting place to be – on a small boat with your beloved, and a new horizon ahead!
    I too have loved my bedroom however small, wherever in the world it has been (sometimes borrowed!). It is certainly a haven and, as I have realised over time and travel, a great luxury.
    Blessings for a wonderful New Year!

    January 12th, 2016 | #

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