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I know it’s not what I said I’d post, but I thought you might like to see the bathroom before and after of the paris abode. It wasn’t included in Grace’s post and I just remembered that you hadn’t seen it yet, so here it is!


A bit of a change, n’est-ce pas?

Since the bathroom was so tiny and there was no natural light, I wanted to play with it’s petite-ness and create a space that was intimate, dramatic and sumptuous (without spending a bundle). So first I scrubbed it from top to bottom to bring back the whiteness as much as possible. I bought a tord boontje garland in black for the ceiling light. The flower shapes from the garland created beautiful shadows all over the antique-cream walls, ceiling, and white tiled floors. I bought two simple white shower curtains – the one with the words for the outside of the bath (to cover that hideous hole!), and a cheaper, plain one to fall into the interior of the bath. I chose accessories from Ikea’s Molger range for the towel rack, door hooks and mirrored cabinet. For a little extra storage I bought a wooden tray with stand that tucked neatly in the left hand corner, and found second hand boxes to hide toiletries. Organic white cotton towels completed the look. And the Elle McPherson bra hanging on the door hook was a beautiful gift from my dear friend michi .

i just feel like posting this photograph…
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let’s go back to Paris, for the moment…
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I know it’s not the houseboat, but I just like this photo of the Paris apartment. I took this shot one night after coming home from shopping, I think I had just bought that fern and candles. You can see the remnants of nibblies and a bottle of wine on the coffee table – a little apĂ©ritif before preparing dinner.

Truth is everyone, I did plan to post a more substantial piece for you today, but I just had a bike accident. I am okay. More shocked than anything else. And I have a few flesh wounds. I was on my way home and as I crossed an intersection a taxi driver came from nowhere and knocked me down. I actually don’t know who’s ‘fault’ it was, I really thought I had looked, and the driver said it was his fault but I was a bit out of it. When all the bikes behind me stopped to help me up, I had no idea what language they were speaking. And then finally after a few seconds I realised, “oh yeah, that’s right it’s Dutch!’. It was all pretty embarrassing. I came home and had a good cry. But I’m okay now. I think a good nights rest is what I need. Hope you all had a lovely day!


a little something special…
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French Boy, you might want to close your eyes. Everyone else, come with me.

the full story…
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enjoy, i hope you like. you may need your magnifying glasses to read all the text! or better still get your hands on the printed version. i will write more about it as soon as i am back in amsterdam. Many thanks to Home Beautiful’s Features Editor Rosanne Peach for sending me these pages to share with you…



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