giant paper wallflower kit…
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“wallflower: a type of loner. seemingly shy folks who no one really knows. often some of the most interesting people if one actually talks to them.”  urban dictionary.


So as I mentioned in my last post, during the last days of the Little Treasures: Made by Hand campaign I will be featuring some of the packages available exclusively for the campaign – that means you can only buy these packages now through my pozible book page.

One of my favourite packages is the giant paper wallflower kit that I created just for this campaign! It’s one of the projects I made for Laly’s room and it is featured in Little Treasures: Made by Hand. I’ve made a number of kits for you guys, it is one of the most fun craft projects I’ve created as it’s so simple but makes such a statement in any room.

In the kit you’ll receive everything you need to create your own giant paper wallflower. All you need to do is open the brown paper envelope and follow the 10 simple instructions…


It will take you only about 20 minutes to make the flower, isn’t that amazing?


Maybe half an hour if you really want to spend some time fanning and fluffing out your paper petals to make them just so. Like magic, the contents of one brown envelope will go from this (what you see above) to this…


Voilà! Here is the photograph which features in Little Treasures: Made by Hand. I have hung Laly’s paper wallflower above the day bed in her room…


To buy your giant paper wallflower kit as well as receive a signed copy of the book, click on the $45+ reward on my pozible book page then add the shipping of either $15 if you live in Australia, or $25 if you live in NZ, the USA or UK (so that’s a total pledge of $60 for AUS or $70 for NZ, USA, UK) and follow the instructions to make your pledge!

Thank you! Only 10 days to go! Far out!!


PS if you’ve forgotten to add your shipping in your earlier pledges no sweat, you can update your order now. You can also order more than one package! Don’t forget about your friends. And mum. And that lovely neighbour down the road who just had a baby… x


beautiful DIY wreath from fellow fellow…
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I think this incredible wreath puts my ever-evolving wreath to shame!  Isn’t it stunning? It is made by the very talented Claire from fellow fellow, she has posted a step by step guide on how to make it, and I think if you haven’t already attempted to make your own holiday wreath, this would be the perfect DIY project for the coming weekend…


Click here for Claire’s full instructions. Found via frankie, of course, who are always in the know…



the ever-evolving wreath just evolved for twenty twelve…
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For those who have been reading my blog since the beginning (it’s been 5 years this month!), you might recall my early attempts at the ever-evolving wreath back in Amsterdam, using materials I had on hand. Now in Sydney, I started a new wreath this time last year, using an embroidery hoop as a base and adding cut branches and found foliage from my backyard. This is what it looked like in 2011…


Then I let it wither and age, and fell in love with it even more…


It has been resting on top of the piano for most of the year, although I did use it as a prop for a very special shoot a few months back (to be revealed in the next post). For the holiday season this year I have added hydrangeas and seed pods from the back garden, and this is what it looks like now, for 2012…


Do you like it? I’m really happy with it. I’m not sure how well it will age, the hydrangeas may just shrink and brown, but we’ll see, I’ll keep you posted.


PS and I managed to sneak a little blossom behind her ear when she wasn’t looking…


feeling fuzzy: emma peters
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Emma is a textile designer, teacher and researcher based in Sydney. Her blog, feeling fuzzy, is a great source of inspiration as Emma features her latest textile creations and exhibited pieces, like you see above. Emma also holds workshops, and last week for Country Style, I interviewed Emma to find out more about her upcoming workshops, her love for felt, and her inspiration. Read the full interview here.

Photographs by Emma’s sweet sister, Hannah, featuring Emma’s work at COFA.

everyday beauty: embroidered tea bags…
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Beautiful, non? Created by Missouri Bend Studio, which I found via the delightful Emma Peters.

Visit Missouri Bend’s etsy boutique here.