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PJB_vanloon_IMG_0851 photograph by pia jane bijkerk

Our sweet (blog)house guest Zoë has just left a very special post in the guest quarters for us all and I’ll only give you one hint: it’s about following one’s dreams. Please click here to read Zoë’s post and leave her a special comment. I will write a proper post about it soon once you’ve all read what she has to say. I will just add this though – thank you, dear friend, for sharing your world with us.


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  1. christine says

    I am not one to usually comment on a blog, but I visit the “blogosphere” daily escaping to other worlds where I am consitently inspired, awed and yes sometimes jealous of the talent, passion and life that is expressed on these digital pages.
    This latest post and has urged me to post a comment which I fear might be a bit long, because brevity fails me and I am not sure I am even going to express myself appropriatly but I shall try.

    Following your dreams: this is something I have been trying to figure out for the last year. I am a creative who is inspired by everything sensery: smells, tastes, sights, sounds. I currently spend my days working in nature conservation, something good for the world but I fear not so good for my soul sitting in front of a computer most of my day.

    Pia: I am envious of your courage to create your life to be what you want it to be, and Zoe I am envious of your courage to go after your dreams! I can’t wait to hear more! Where I might be able to find the key to follow my dreams!

    It is so nice to learn through blogs others around the world who share similar passions: I hope to get the courage up soon to follow my dreams, but right now I am greatful to have a job to support my passions on the side. Thank you for letting me ramble on.

    [c ]

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