special announcement & giveaway: “giving credit” prints are here!
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UPDATE: I’ve decided to wait until there are 100 comments on this post before I announce the winners and before I continue posting in the (blog)house. So, please help spread the word, post this post on your blogs, let’s all help to get this message out there! Victoria from sfgirlbybay wrote a lovely post about it today – thank you vic! And there have been some great comments & conversation on her post in response to it already. One thing that comes about in conversation time & time again with this subject is that bloggers fear that they have to ask permission every time they post about someone’s work  – please let me clarify – this poster’s message is not targeted to people who promote other artists work – for example, I’m fully aware that people write posts about my work and they have not first asked me permission, I personally do not have a problem with that because I appreciate the exposure. Instead, this poster is to raise awareness and educate bloggers – new and old – who take images off people’s sites and do not credit the image at all, and do not bother to find out who created the image.  At the very least my fellow bloggers, we need to credit the ORIGINAL source – not the last place you saw it, but the original source. Thank you to all who have commented on this post so far, and to those who have helped spread the message. px

PS these prints which are for sale in special limited edition by Mammoth Collection are NEW & IMPROVED – you may have noticed on the original poster there were a number of little mistakes, but since then I had help from my dear friend Therese who helped form the original poster into a beautiful, printable piece of art. So, if you are blogging about the print, please use the NEW print, not the old one. Thank you!

You thought I’d forgotten all about “giving credit”, didn’t you? But I hadn’t at all, in fact, I’ve been working determinedly this past month with the awe-inspiring online print house Mammoth Collection, turning our original ‘streetcred’ image credit flowchart into something rather spectacular.

With many thanks to Troy & Ben from Mammoth, and my dear friend + designer Therese Petre who helped me shape the original piece into poster format, I would (finally!) like to announce that the “giving credit” print is now, officially, for sale…

It comes in four gorgeous colourways: Storm Cloud (pictured above), Fuschia (pictured below)…

Deep Sea

and Butterscotch

And they each come in four sizes: 8×10(edition of 200), 11×14(edition of 100), 16×20 (edition of 20)and a whopping 24×30(edition of 10). Each print is made in-house using archival pigment inks on heavyweight 100% cotton fibre archival paper, and each is numbered by hand and signed. For more info about the prints, Troy & Ben asked me some questions for their fab Mammoth blog, click here to read the full interview.


The extra exciting news is that Mammoth are offering to giveaway 2 $20 vouchers as part of the launch of the collection. This means 2 lucky (blog)house readers can choose an 8×10 “giving credit” print in any colour or put the voucher toward one of the larger prints! To be in the chance to win, just write a comment on this post about why you think giving credit is important.

On Wednesday, June 1st we’ll announce the winners.


A big thank you to Erin, Chelsea, Lisa, Nichole, and Amanda for being such wonderful support and inspiration throughout this giving credit journey. It’s very exciting to know that our email conversation some months back have amounted to these beautiful prints. And a never-ending hug to my dear friend Yvette for offering her incredibly handmade fonts, of which I do believe make these prints so special. Each of us hope that this little initiative will spark the beginning of other online projects as well as be able to create funds to put toward an education+arts foundation of sorts. Small steps first, but what a wonderful beginning.

Please feel free to spread the word about the prints and special giveaway on your blogs, to your friends, or to people in the street! You are welcome to use any of the photos in this post to help spread the word – I give you my permission with one request: “give credit where credit is due”.

Thank you mes amis!


giving credit…
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click here to see the larger version.


UPDATE: there have been many requests to buy the print – thank you! We’ll be looking into it this week – so hopefully by the end of the week (that being Friday March 25), we should have something available. Thanks again for all your support and positive attitude, it’s so wonderful to see so many of you enthusiastic about giving credit where credit is due. x


Have you noticed that image crediting on blogs has become a rather hot topic over the last few weeks? There have been some great posts about it from Chelsea at {frolic!} and Grace at Design*Sponge (who wrote three posts as part of her online etiquette + ethic series for biz ladies: here, here and here).

A couple of weeks ago Erin, Chelsea, Lisa, Nichole, Amanda and I started an email conversation about it, wondering if there was a way we could get the message across about the importance of image crediting in a fun and informative way. Because let’s face it, it’s a confusing topic that needs some serious clarification. In my industry, we are often talking about the lack of image crediting on blogs – there is very much a love/hate feeling for blogs with most photographers, stylists, art directors, editors and publishers. I, for example,  love the concept of tumblr but get so frustrated with the lack of crediting – countless times I’ve found a gorgeous image that I’d love to blog about but after hours of research still cannot find the original source. Not to mention finding my own images on there without credit.

We’ve already had some great feedback this morning on Grace’s post about the poster (thanks so much Grace!) and I’ve made some minor changes with those in mind, so what you see above is the finished poster. Also, some people have asked if the poster is for sale. We will keep you posted about that. Erin from design for mankind wrote a fab post about it today too,  and I love & agree with all she wrote. Erin has been a big inspiration in the making of this poster – from the colouring of her new blog design (which I adore!), to her funky style and funny, heartfelt words.  My dear friend Yvette van Boven let me use her incredible handwritten fonts, thank you sweet Yvette.

Thanks to everyone who has kept this topic hot over the last few weeks. I hope this poster helps to shed some much needed light on the subject and helps all to understand why it’s necessary to credit images. Please feel free to blog, tweet, tumble, or pin this poster  – we made it to share, so please do, merci beaucoup!


just launched: my new website…
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I officially declare my new online portfolio live! Above is a sneak peek of some of the images you will find when you peruse the site. There is lots to see, so please take your time scrolling through each page, and check out all the links within. Not only are there sections showcasing my styling work and photography, but there are now individual book pages for each of my books, including previews, sales contacts and a stockists page. I’ll take the time to explain some more about each page on the website in the weeks to come, and will also showcase various new work here in the (blog)house:  a little ‘behind the scenes’ of the making of some of the images.

Oh, I do hope you like it. Please pass on the news about my new website to anyone who you think might be interested in my work. Thank you so much.

Now, I think I need a little rest.


a new guest cook in the (blog)house kitchen…
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all images in this post are by photographer Jen Altman

Today and for the month of October,  I’m delighted to welcome a very special guest cook to the (blog)house. But before I introduce you, I want to say a big thank you to Yvette for holding up the fort for so long! She was so self-sufficient –  baking up irish tea brack when the mood & weather struck, serving up rhubarb compote, and sharing some Dutch Fare with us all among so many other delicious recipes over the course of the last few months – beside taking full advantage of her enthusiasm to cook for others, I got very used to her company. Alas, we must say au revoir to my dear friend Yvette for now, and let her enjoy the fruits of her labor with her new cookbook, home made.  Merci Yvette,  for being such a generous, wonderful, fun guest. Until next time!


But with this au revoir comes a warm and heartfelt bonjour! to our new (blog)house kitchen guest.  Would you like to meet her? Not only is this special guest a very talented cook, inspired by markets and small artisan producers, but she also runs cooking classes and market tours, hosts wonderful evenings called “dinner with the cook”, and is committed to living a sustainable life.  When she moved to Burgundy in France, she ditched her car and as she says so eloquently  “took to the proverbial “French bike” adorned with a basket of market produce and flowers as my preferred choice for transportation.”

Please join me in giving a very warm welcome to Marjorie Taylor, the cook herself from one my of favourite places, The Cook’s Atelier

Marjorie has prepared a fabulous Autumn menu, just for us here in the (blog)house, each accompanied by beautiful photographs she has taken herself. And during the month of October she will be sharing a recipe or two from the menu each week, starting this week with the entrée. There will be 5 recipes altogether. Marjorie notes,

“this menu is the perfect example of an autumn menu for dinner with the cook, or the type of menu that we would prepare for a market tour and cooking class.  Everything is made from scratch and guests enjoy a convivial dinner at a long, zinc topped French farm table.  Dinner with the cook is like a supper club, only guests help prepare the menu for the evening. ”

How utterly marvelous. Thank you dear Marjorie for taking the time to share these amazing recipes with us, and to give us all a delicious taste of what dinner is like chez vous.

Mes amis, I hope Marjorie’s October-long stay in the (blog)house kitchen will inspire you in your own kitchens. Perhaps her stay will also inspire you to enjoy a weekend in burgundy, dining at The Cook’s Atelier table. Perhaps we could go together.


Click here to view Marjorie’s first recipe, Roasted Cream of Cauliflower Soup.

All images in this post are by photographer Jen Altman.

thank you: home beautiful…
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It’s raining buckets here in Amsterdam this morning. The lack of sunlight makes my little boat dark, but oh so cozy.

On Saturday I received the latest (september) issue of Australian Home Beautiful. It is always a real treat to receive a little slice of Australia through my front door mail slot all the way over in this part of the world. But this particular issue of Home Beautiful is extra special, take a look…

A big thank you to Vanessa Keys for asking me to be a part of Home Beautiful’s style insight section in this month’s issue. The article is so beautifully written, and I love the little “guide to unearthing the handmade in your own city” at the end.

+To view the article in full, I suggest you buy the September issue of Home Beautiful… but also, you can click here.

+All images in the article are by photographer David Finato and me.


I’d also like to direct you to a very special giveaway that dutch designer mariska meijers is holding on her blog this week: Mariska is offering a signed copy of Amsterdam: Made by Hand, read all about it right here. Thank you so much for your support Mariska. x