“one thing that makes me smile”…
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(blog)pal joanna, author of one of our favourite blogs called a cup of jo and glamour magazine’s blog smitten, asked me last week if I might like to participate in her new series on smitten called “one thing that makes me smile”. She asked me to write a paragraph or so about something I do or like that makes my life happy.

Would you like to know what I said?

Well, click here to find out!! I’ll give you a clue: It has something to do with this photo above.

Thank you joanna!


PS a new behind the scenes up next!

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  1. joanne says

    love it… yea, my favorite photos would be from my grandparents house.. they have all the rad photos that i’d like to go back in time to…its mystical in a way, so much memory that never can be experienced again but can be imagined..thats what how i think when looking through the old ones. xo.

    April 18th, 2009 | #

  2. E says

    I adore that photo, it’s goregous and so every elegant. Very 20s indeed. There is something ever so intriguing about film. I love digital, don’t get me wrong as it’s all I ever work with – well mostly – but with film, I always imagine that there is so much more thought and background to a single photograph. As if it’s layered with a story that fits only that one photograph.

    Perhaps it’s just my mind wandering.

    But I do love that photograph. And how fun that you got to be on Smitten.

    April 18th, 2009 | #

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