I have made something for you…
Posted in pia's music, pia's photos October 16th, 2008 by piablog

…and I shall not keep it to myself any longer. Would you like a little hint? Here you go…

Yes, you will need your ears. and I need to take a deep breath and make myself a stiff drink. It’s coming up next…

PS perhaps you need to pour yourself a glass of something too, let me know what you’re having and I’ll have the same. In fact, make it a double…

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  1. nancy says

    ok i am nervous now….mm, i’ll have a vodka juice…and i hand you one (with a bit more vodka..):)

    October 17th, 2008 | #

  2. sofia says

    you are playing uhhmm so excited here :):):) I’m having a hot herbal infusion, not really glamourous !

    October 17th, 2008 | #

  3. nadia says

    a soy iced mocha with extra ice and grated orange- with extra shot of espresso..made by me?

    i am excited and nervous to tell you the truth because you beautifully and it makes my heart ache( in good way)

    October 17th, 2008 | #

  4. nadia says

    you play( somehow did not write the word!

    October 17th, 2008 | #

  5. Janmaree - mylandoflovely.blogspot.com says

    Peach champagne for two? Oh Pia your last piece you posted playing the piano was so very moving! ~ You truly will play beautifully again, drink or not. Can’t wait.

    October 17th, 2008 | #

  6. Mike says

    Please, never hesitate to share your gift. This piece reminded me of George Winston’s December album. More than just lovely, it was peaceful and yet took me with it to another place in my mind.
    Inspiring is too weak a word to describe it.
    More, please.

    October 18th, 2008 | #

  7. stljoie says

    How lovely…this is my first visit..introduced by this is glamorous…I’ll be back.

    October 20th, 2008 | #

  8. Janie says

    Thank you x that was lovely I am sitting in my living room it is freezing windy and raining out side I am wrapped up in a rug a glass of wine in hand and this beaytuful piece has brought a tear and a smile to me. Janie x

    October 30th, 2008 | #

  9. Jobina says

    I was just reading some blogs when i stumble upon yours.
    You played beautifully.
    I love it. =)

    March 20th, 2009 | #

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