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Well aren’t you all wonderful! Thank you for all your encouragement – a little pep talk goes a long way. I think if I told you what I have on my plate for the coming week, you would freak out and wonder why oh why I cram everything in – you’ll find out everything soon enough.  Anyway without further delay, here is the 2009 holiday gift guide pour lui. Clockwise from top left image:

1. box & flea bandannas! A stack of these would make a great gift for a guy. They are 100% cotton, US$36.00 available here. location: NY

2. iphone, wallet, cell, ipod, whatever else you can think of –multifunctional carrier, made with grey felt and leather. Love it! From kazzki US$29.00 location: sydney, australia

3. charcoal linen journal handmade/bound by paperiaarre US$38.00 location: turku, Finland

4. chalk chalk‘s chalk bicycle prints and originals are too cool for school. Prints are US$20.00 and originals are $125.00 location: LA



Clockwise from top left image:

1. miniature cabinet of curiosities no. 15 (what a fab idea) from miniature rhinos US$15.00 location: Brooklyn, NY

2. vintage perpetual calender for his desk. yes yes. US$35.00 from lucky little dot’s shop. location: NY

3. super soft cotton plaid scarf by cipolla US$29.00 location: toronto

4. vintage 50’s style shirt from lolly crisp vintage US$34.00 location: philadelphia

5. heavy duty blanket by swiss fizz US$20.00 location: zug, switzerland

6. gorgeous handmade crib board by enumero. If your man doesn’t know how to play crib, or you, then it’s time to learn! it’s a great alternative to watching tv every night. US$78.00 location: lafayette (free shipping in the US)

7. a full deck of miniature vintage playing cards – how cute. From estate of mind US$2.50 location: NY. Any cool vintage deck of cards would make a great gift.

8. pair of antique indian bowling clubs from vintage embellishment US$105.00 location: california I also found these ones which are cool too.

9. for the man who like numbers (I’m thinking of financial types)(or mathematicians)(or me, I would like this too)(and I’m not a bloke)…an abacus! US $60.00 from the orientalist. location: singapore


Here are a couple of gender neutral gifts which I think are always handy to have for impromptu guests. I was going to include it in yesterday’s holiday gift guide for gals but well, you want the truth? It didn’t fit my colour scheme for the post. Today, it does. Left: travel organizer from solo handmade US$25.00 location: Utrecht, The Netherlands. Right: tweed camera cozy, custom made by thistle down and finch US$28.00 location: ontario.


Now for the outdoorsy-sophisticated-takes his girl out for a picnic type of dude:


Clockwise top left:

1. wild deer antique pewter and silver cufflinks by make it.  US$32.00 location: the UK

2. mid-century traveling bartender set from adVintagous US$62.00 location: Florida.

3. vintage panama shirt (size: small) from lolly crisp vintage US$50.00 location: philadelphia

4. dunkerton’s organic cider. £2.55each from natural collection location: UK I love cider, and I was thinking what a great gift it would be to have a year supply sent to you – say, one 12-pack (or more if you love it love it) a month? And then I got thinking, what about the same for beer? Or wine? And then I got thinking, how cool would it be to have one of your local wineries/breweries/sellers send a mixed box of the stuff each month? Anyway, just a thought.

5. woven picnic basket from finding fabulous US$28.00 location: chicago.


Left:  swedish firesteel fire lighter, £14.95 from natural collection location: UK and right: hemp & cotton socks  (unisex)£8.95 from natural collection location: UK


To continue on the outdoorsy theme, but for the guy in your life who loves the idea of the outdoors but well, lets just say he’s the more leisurely type:


Left: succulents in tiny glass containers from monkeys always look US$14.00 each location: san diego california and right: hammock from oak and rope US135.00 location: florida.


How was that? I hope there are some ideas in there for the man in your life.  Remember,  if you love a bit of DIY, you could try making something inspired by what you see above, with materials you have on hand. Also, lots of these items are gender neutral, or at least I think they are because I dig all of them! And last but not least, be sure to check out each store link as there are so many goodies that I could pick from each, but I just select one or two for this post.

Happy gifting! Gifts for the kids will be up next (later this afternoon)…

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  1. London Lisbonite says

    I really can’t thank you enough – my bf is impossible to buy for (without falling into the trap of buying him stuff for the house that I want!) and the little stag cufflinks might just be the thing! Lovely blog by the way, bookmarked!

    December 9th, 2009 | #

  2. jen jafarzadeh says

    pia, amazing! guys are the hardest to buy for in my book and you found so many finds. that bandanna would be the perfect gift for a friend of mine who just started as a line cook. and I actually have a chalk chalk bike print which was gifted to me and I love.
    ps. I did a little roundup today on gifts with a more handmade/sustainable edge. I included a note to check out your gift guides, because I truly think they’re the best curated gift guides I’ve seen, especially with that focus.

    December 9th, 2009 | #

  3. Ann Marie says

    i know this list is for “him”, but oh my goodness! i want these things for myself! i guess i’ll just have to share.

    December 9th, 2009 | #

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